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April 27, 2013
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It was dark. You couldn't move and every time you did a tight sensation
could be felt on your wrists. You could feel yourself being in a chair
with your arms behind your back.You could bearly recall the last thing that happened before you were knock out.

      ~~ FLASHBACK ~~

You were walking down the street away from you school towards home.
You just couldn't wait to get home and watch your favorite show.
The name of said show was "Hetalia." You were in love with the show and
it's characters as well, too. Even though your parents thought it was unhealthy
for you to be watching nothing but that show, as long as you did your chores and
got good grades they were rather fine with it.

You had recently discovered a new hetalia trend called "2P!Hetalia."
At first, you were not attracted to the characters who were the complete opposites
of the originals, but you had seem to be in love with them as well.

Anyway it had gotten dark a lot early than normal so you quickly made your way home.
However, no matter how fast you walked it was getting darker by the second so you
decided to take a short cut through a park. It was a park you were familiar with so
you knew it wouldn't take long to get home.

But something didn't seem right to you. It was akwardly quiet and you started to get
the feeling that something or someone was watching you. But you couldn't stop now
you had to get home before your parents started to get worried. So ignoring the feeling
of being watched you proceeded forward. Soon little rustles could be heard coming from near by bushes making you jump.

"I-is anyone there?"

No reply.

"I-it must be my imagination. . ."

"Oh, I wouldn't say that Bella~." Said an Italian voice.

You gasped right before something hard hit you in the back of the head causing
everything to go dark.


With eyes now wide opened you started to panic and struggled only causing you to
get rope burns. Questions started to run wildly through your mind. Where were you?
Who kidnnaped you? Why did they? And what did they plan on doing with you?
Your struggling soon caused the chair you rested in to topple over and hit the ground
with a rather loud crash. You could soon hear voices coming from outside the
room you rested in.

"Oh goodie, I do believe the poppet was woken up~."

"Heh, about time I was almost about to go in and wake her up with my bat."

"Or I coulda sent Kuma in there."

There was a mixture of other voices all talking at the same time. Soon, the door opened
making you close your eyes from the bright light. You felt as your chair was picked up and
set back up. You could now see your captors.

There were eleven men were in the room with you. Your mouth gapped open at them.
THEY WERE THE 2PS. And they had kidnapped you.

You had a good look at them starting with the Italy bros.

North Italy's clothes almost looked the same to his normal uniform but it was
a dark reddish brown. His hair was aslo darker, as for his eyes they a little more
red. Also he had a small hat ontop his head. Soth Italy barely looked like his original
but his curl was the same. His hair was blond and his clothes were more stylish.

You looked at Germany and Prussia next.

Germany like Italy also had a hat but the style was different. he had a brown jacket
over his shoulders. You also took notice of all the scars he had on him, and his violet
eyes. As for Prussia you noticed that he was quiet and didn't have that smirk he always
wore like his 1!P did. Prussia also had darker hair and blue eyes instead of red.

Canada and America were next.

Canada looked like a really grumpy person who just got out of bed. Hid curly hair
was tied back into a pony tail. His uniform was red and also hed held a bloody
hockey stick in his hand. America's hair was a deep dark brownish red with sunglass
above his forehead. He had a bomber jacket but it was more of a darker color. In his
hand was a bloody baseball bat with nails stickin out.

The next pair were China and Japan.

Japan's military was almost the same but it was black with a purple cape behind him.
He looked rather irrated and his eyes were not brown but were a dark shade of red.
China wore a black and red uniform. Also his hair was short under a dark hat.

Next was Russia.

His outfit was the same as his 1!P but it was black and red. Also instead of a light pink
scarf he wore a dark tan scarf wrapped around his neck.

Finally France and England.

France was really depressed looking and it looked as though he hadn't slept in months
from the dark bags under his eyes. He had darker hair and in his mouth he had a cigarette
in his mouth. As for England he was the most brightly colored one of the group. His eyes
were a mixture of pink and blue just like the outfit he wore. He had light strawberry hair
and around his neck was a blue bowtie.

You still had to think about what was going on til orth Italy broke the silence.

"Well Bella, you got your wish."


Then you remebered what he was talking about. You would always wish on things mostly
for the fun of it and it would always be the same wish. 'I wish Hetalia was real.'
But you never said which one.

You then turned to see Germany untying you from the ropes. You rubbed your wrists.

"W-what are you going to do with me?"

The brightly colored England waltz up to you.

"Well poppet we were going to let you decide which one of us you want to spend time with
and then you chooses one of us that you want to be with." He then gave you a smile.

Well in your situation you just decided to go along with it.

So you choose. . .
. . .GOSH DANG YOU 2Ps!!!

Sorry if anything is messed up.


N. Italy :…










S. Italy:…

EDIT : Yeah I know that the title was spelled wrong. But I am glad that no one yelled
at me for it.

I do not own hetalia or you.


Thank you all for reading this stories and I really hope to see you all in future stories as well~!
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can you please make a denmark one
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TrollingtonTrollifer Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014  New member
'I wish Hetalia was real.'
But you never said which one.
Me: Well s*it. Serves me right for not using enough adjectives. 
NekoLexi-Chan Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014
Yup. Some wishes work that way. :3
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NekoLexi-Chan Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014
Well its ok if you do or don't cause everyone has different tastes.
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