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February 28


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"Ok, let's go over what was taken care of," you said to yourself, "Cleaned up the broken dishes Mey-rin, helped Finny with the garden, repaired the stove that Bard blew up, and made some more tea for Tanaka." 

You had also finished the rest of your daily chores and were free to do whatever you pleased for the next few hours. However, you couldn't think of anything to do. 

Well.. That wasn't entirely true.

Most would think that you were crazy, no the better term would be insane. Why was this so? Well, you like to mess with the head butler of the Phantomhive household, like make messes for him to clean, play tricks, and of course let Pluto run wild in the manor. You were always punished every time you messed with him, but still why? The answer was without a doubt..

You liked him.

You however, would not submit to your feelings so instead you tried your best to make his life a living hell. Also, you were aware that this almost perfect man was no ordinary man at all and was in fact a demon, which adds to how crazy you were to be messing around with said demon.Though you felt safe that as long as he still had the contract with Ceil Phantomhive he truly couldn't do you any harm... right?

Well to entertain yourself today you wanted to ask him a certain question. The question's origin came from when Lady Elizabeth was taken and the butler and young master went to rescue her, you happened to tag along.  When Elizabeth began to attack Sebastian and her fiancé you overheard the conversation between the black hair demon and red shinigami which involved cherry stems.You were just wanting to see if it was true or not.

So here you are walking down the halls of the rather large mansion, with a small bowl of cherries. The bright little orbs were so tempting that you had to grab some on your way out of the kitchen, you looked through many rooms to see if you could catch the demon in his daily cleaning, but so far he was no where to be found.

Just as you were about to forfeit your plan you heard the sound of footsteps coming your way, as you glanced up from the bowl of cherries your (e/c) eyes locked onto your target.

Sebastian noticing your stare looked to you and said, "(Name) is there anything you need?" You could only smile as you walked closer to the demon and held out a cherry stem.

His reddish brown eyes only looked at the stem wanting to know why you decided to shove it in his face. You only gave a smile before asking, " Is it true that you can tie a cherry stem in a knot with your tongue?"


Really? That's all? However, the butler soon wore his mischievous smile, if you wouldn't leave him alone by simply using punishments then he would use a different approach. "And you want me to demonstrate?" ,said the butler.

You only nod still not taking the cherry stem away from his face, the butler's gloved hand took a hold of your hand with the cherry stem. This caught you by surprise as you tried to remove your hand out of his grasp, but his grip only tightened. So you just let him hold your hand as he took the stem between his teeth and into his mouth, you then believed that he would let you go but he just did the opposite and pushed you against the wall.

"Sebastian what are you doin-!?" ,you were cut off as the butler pushed his mouth into your own and inserted  his tongue as well. The blood under your cheeks gave your cheeks a rather rosy look. With his other hand he placed it on your cheek and tilted your head a bit for a better angle as your tongue danced with his, you couldn't believe that this was happening to you, so you gave into his touches and kiss.

However, you soon relieved that you needed air and tried to push Sebastian off of you but that wouldn't work on this demon. He only smirked at seeing how helpless you were, why he could do just about anything he wanted to you and you'd be unable to resist, but maybe another time his master needed him to do something important. The butler just thought, 'Maybe I can put it on hold for a couple more minutes.' He took your pink muscle into his mouth and sucked on it all you could do was moan against his mouth but your lungs were simply burning yet at the same time you didn't want this moment to end. Sebastian tightened his hold on you a bit as he felt that you were about to fall over, so as your lips disconnected from each other there was a small string of saliva that was attached to your lips. The demon butler gentle took his index finger and brushed it over your parted lips to get rid of the saliva. With that he set you back up on your feet gave your head a pat before turning to walk away but said before he left you.

"That should answer your question," and then left you.Not long after he disappeared from your sight did you snap out of you daze, and wondered what the hell happened. You also noticed that something was in you mouth, you then pulled out the tiny object and looked at it, which caused you face to heat up.

In between your thumb and index finger was a cherry stem with two knots.
I do not own any Black Butler characters/ Black Butler or you.

Gosh this fanfics are taking a while.. 

Thanks to :iconfuchsiademongirl: for the inspiration!
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