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"I guess I'll choose . . .America. . ."

You were suddenly grabbed around the waist by the red-head America. A gasp
slipped out of your mouth when you were being carried by America on the shoulder.
Also, you felt a little pressure on your bum . . . taking a guess it was his hand.
That made you suddenly begin to flip out and tried to struggle your way out of
his grasp.


"Heh~ like hell I am babe. We're gonna go someplace to have some real fun~."

Oh that did not sound good.

However, before you and America got out of the house he suddenly went to his bedroom
to grab some baseball equipment including his bloody baseball bat.

"Okay babe, let's go."

He then picked you up and placed you on his shoulder again and ran out of the house.

~ Time Skip ~

You both arrived at a empty baseball field. America dropped you a bit too roughly
onto your bum. You began to rub it to ease the pain.

"You know. . you didn't have to drop me."

But he just ignored you and tossed you a bat and also a helmet. You gave a yelp and
quickly caught both the bat and helmet.

"Nice relex."

You gave him a small glare and placed the helmet onto your head.

"Okay babe, so here is the deal we're gonna play a couple rounds of baseball. If you win
I buy ya something you really want but if I win I get somethin' outta you."

"Hold on, you can't play baseball with two people." You pointed out to the American.

"Yeah you can, okay so I'll explain a little more. First one to get a home run wins the
whole thing."

You only nodded and got up to bat as 2p!America gave you a smirk letting you see tooth missing, he then got ready to throw the ball at you.

~ Le Time Skip Brought To You By England's Magical Cupcakes ~

You were both tied and it was once again your turn to bat. One more win and that America
would be buying you a (insert favorite item here). Here came the pitch and. . .

- WACK -

You ran as fast as your legs could carry you. You past 1st base, you could see the red-
head chasing after the ball. 2nd base, he grab the ball and run towards you as fast
as he could. 3rd base, you were nearing 4th base when suddenly a force rammed into and
you began to tumble to the ground.

"Huff, huff, I. . gotcha. ."

You panted and looked up to see red eyes peering into your (e/c) eyes. Everything soon
slowed down as he leaned down and placed his lips onto yours in a rough kiss. You let
out a gasp before your lips pushed up against him with the same amount of force into the

"Heh, I think you know baseball pretty well but let me teach ya on kissing~."

You only giggled before repling.

"Can we start our lesson now~?"

Introduction: [link]

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May 4, 2013
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