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"I choose . . . England. . ."

As soon as those words left your mouth you were wrapped up into a big
hug by the pink and blue British man. He nearly squeezed all of the air
out of you.

"Oh~! Poppet you have no idea how happy you made me~!"

You only nodded due to all the air lost. A reason you picked him
was as long as you did not eat any food he made you might get out a live.
However . . .

"I do believe I know the perfect place to take you too. Which would be
my cafe~! I'll make the best cupcakes you ever tasted~! . . .Of course,
my cupcakes are to DIE for~."

The way he said 'Die' just made you know that you might have made a bad choice.
But, the deed was done as the hyper Brit dragged you along with him to his beloved

   ~ Time Skip ~

You and 2P!England stood infront of a pink and blue styled cafe. The sign said 'CLOSED'
letting everyone know that the shop was not opened. However, when you and England entered
he did NOT flip the sign over. So you asked curiously.

"Aren't you gonna open up the cafe?"

With that question he replied with a smile.

"Oh no dearie~ we are going to have this cafe all to ourselves. Because if the cafe
were opened during our special time I wouldn't be able to give you all of my attention~!"

You then took a seat at a booth and waited for England to sit, but he just went to the
kitchen to perpare his cupcakes. You cringed at the thought of 'dying by sweets.' You
then saw the strawberry haired Brit come back wearing a frilly pink and blue apron.

"Okie dokie then~ the cupcakes will be ready in 30 minutes. So til then why don't
we get to know each other better the?"

You just nodded and watched as he sat down on the other side of the booth and
just stared at you with a smile. You then took notice of the lack of freckles on his
and dumbly pointed it out to him.

"Are you wearing make-up?"

". . ."

Oh shoot he looks pretty mad. . .

". . .It would be rather rude to ignore your. . .question. But yes, I am wearing make-up."

What then slipped out of your mouth suprised England.

"I think you would look better without the make-up. . ."

". . .D-do you really think so?" His cheeks took on a deep shade of red.

You only nodded and gave a smile causing all of his face to turn red. A little ding could
be heard from the kitchen. You then saw as England quickly got up and made his way from
the kitchen. However, this time it tooke him longer to come back from the kitchen. Also,
something had changed with the colored 2!P . . . HIS FRECKLES WERE SHOWING!!

"Sorry about that love. . .but the cupcakes didn't come out right so I kust started a new

This made you smile a bit. Then you noticed that England took a seat next to you and
was rather close to you also.

". . .You know love you are one of the first people who doesn't care about my freckles
and . . that makes me very happy. I do believe you get a little reward~."

Before you could move the pink and blue eyed Brit placed his lips against yours. You gasped at the sudden kiss letting him only deeper the kiss. One thought went through
your mind.

'He tastes like cupcakes.'

You then closed your eyes and kissed him back.

~Time Skip ~

You and 2P!England were back at the house cuddling together in a pink and blue blanket.
You were just about to sleep as the red-headed America came over to disturb you
and your knew boyfriend's sweet moment.

"Hey, when is it my turn with her?"

England just stroked your hair and said in a sickly sweet voice.

"Touch her and I WILL sneak poison in your food when you aren't looking."

The red-head then left the two of you alone. You then closed your eyes and rest against
the cupcake lovin' Brit's chest listening to his heart beat as he stroked your hair
softly. His sweet smelling scent filled your nose.

"Don't worry my dear for you are just too sweet for me to eat~."

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