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"I guess I'll pick Germany. . ."

Not even a second later a hand slapped against your bottom causing you to give
out a yelp. You then looked at the German and gave him a glare.

"Come on katzchen, we don't have all day~."

He gave you a smirk and then grabbed you by the waist and placed you onto his
shoulder as he took the both of you out of the house.

However, as the two of you left you could hear the other 2ps snickering over something
you were unaware of.

 ~ Time Skip ~

Lutz had taken you to a store that sells bathing suits.

"Pick out something so we can go swimming."

"You just want an excuse to see me in something sexy right?"

". . .Just pick out a bathing suit katzchen."

You took a good look around the store til a certain (f/c) swimsuit. Taking it into the
changing room you changed into the swim suit finding that it fit you very nicely. Sadly,
you had forgotten to lock the door so Lutz slammed the door open most likely hoping to
catch you naked.

"Hey, katzchen have you found one y-. . ."

"He just stared at you til, you snapped out of your trance and slammed the door into his


There was a brief pause til the German said from the outside of the door.

"That swimsuit looks very sexy~."

Your face suddenly became a deep shade of red.

~ Time skip to the beach ~

Just as the two of you got to the beach the sun had just began to set causing the sky to
turn to an orange and pinkish color and you couldn't help but be in complete awe of how
beautiful it was. Until. . .


The German had came up behind you and picked you up bridal style causing you to wrap your arms around his neck clinging onto him so you wouldn't fall. He then ran to the water jumping in along with you. As soon as you resurfaced you screamed.


"Aw, do you want me to warm you up~?"

He then tried to wrap his arms around you but ended up with water being splashed into his face. He then splashed water into your face and this caused the splash war. As you rubbed the water out of your eyes you saw that Lutz was now gone.

"Lutz? Where are you?"

You looked all around for the red eyed German but he was no where in sight. That was until
a pair of arms warped around you and pulled you into the water. You held your breath til
you were released and quickly swam back to shore. You heard the sound or footsteps behind you knowing it was Lutz you turned to yell at him but stopped and took notice of the way the water made his skin look shiny in the light and also the way the water would slide down his neck across his nice looking chest and lower onto his-

"You like what you see meine frau~?"

He just gave you a cocky smirk causing your face to flush red and turn away from him. He then walked up to you and picked you up so your faces were at the same level. This caused
you to wrap your legs around his waist and your (e/c) eyes lock with his.

He just smirked at how red your face was til he pushed his lips against your soft ones into a kiss. Your eyes widened but then slowly shut as you kissed him back. It felt like an hour before the two of you pulled away and just stared at each other.

"Hmmmm, come on why don't we go back and continue this later?"

You could only give a nod.

 ~Time Skip ~

As the two of you entered the house you could hear as most of the 2ps snickered as you
walked by them. But you tried to ignore it. Lutz walked by you and whispered into your ear.

"Don't worry about them meine frau you can sleep with me tonight."

"O-ok, then."

You gave a blush as he walked pass you into his room. You couldn't help but give a love
struck sigh, however you then heard laughing from behind you.

"Ok you guys are making my mad. What is so funny?"

The red-head America just laughed and said.

"Well, you might wanna take a look at your butt~!"

You did just that and found a sticker that said:


Dat smexy German~!

Introduction : [link]

I do not own 2p!Germany or you. . . .but Lutz does.
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