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"I'll choose . . . The oldest of the Italy brothers."

"Yaaaaaaaaaay~!" The blonde let out a yell and tackled you into a hug and nuzzled his face onto your cheek. Your face turned red as the oldest Italian brother began to shower you with affection. That is until . . .

"Hey, stupido fratello you better go take the bella before I do." The youngest Italian brother said as he glared at his older brother. The blonde gave a pout before saying, "Ok, fine . . ." he took your hand and led you out of the house.

Not even a second out of the house the blonde began to chat you up.

"Oh, we are just gonna have a great time bella~! I am gonna take you anywhere, but first I wanna take you shopping so I can get you a really cute outfit, also we need to get a pair shoes to go with your outfit too~! Also, maybe afterwards we can get some food to eat as well . . ."

After, a while you had began to zone out and stopped paying attention to what 2p!S. Italy was going on about. But then as you made your way to the car you began to drift off to la la land you realized that you were going to be the blonde's dress up doll for the night.

~ Time Skip ~

When you arrived to the shop you looked at all the outfits and knew that this was gonna be a long day. You let out a sigh and were soon dragged to the dressing room where the Italian had already gotten outfits for you to wear, he then gave you a light push into the dressing room. And gave a excited yell. "I'll be back with more outfits, but make sure to let me see every outfit you put on~!"

With that he ran off to grab more outfits for you to try on. When you looked over the outfits you noticed that the outfits he picked looked kinda cool. So grabbing at a nice looking (f/c) dress and let out a sigh before saying, "Well, let's get this over with."

~ Time Skip ~

At each outfit you tried on 2p!Romano would just say how cute you looked. However, you began to noticed that the outfits were starting to show more of your skin off, and just as you were about to question why he was giving you these outfits to try on he began to switch your outfits to swimsuits.

The bathing suits were also not helping as you began to cover yourself up when you showed the outfit to 2p!S. Italy. However, when you went to try the next outfit you forgot to lock the door and soon felt arms wrap around your waist, good thing you still had an outfit on, and turned to see the blonde giving you a hug and nuzzling your neck.

"You are so cute I couldn't help myself~."

Your face turned red and then you gave him a push and yelled, "H-hey learn to knock next time!" You gave a sigh and changed back into your normal clothes. But when you came out of the dressing room you noticed that the blonde Italy was sulking. You gave a sigh and walked up to him and gave him a hug to comfort him for yelling at him.

"I am sorry for yelling at you but I didn't know that you would just walk in like that . . . but still you shouldn't just walk on someone in a changing room. . ."

He gave a sniffle before turning to you to give you a hug, and for the tenth time he nuzzled his face into your neck and gave you a kiss on the cheek.

~ Time Skip ~

As the both of you came home with a ton of bags filled with clothing the both of you went up to 2p!Romano's room to look over the outfits. But then you turned to the nicely dressed blonde to see him looking through a bag.

"Hey, bella I was wondering if you could try this oufit on for me?"

He then showed you a pair of panties and a bra, and gave you a smirk.

You could only blushed as you dropped the bags you were holding.

Introduction : [link]

I do not own 2p!S. Italy or you.
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